Nurten Deniz



Born in Ankara in 1946. She completed her degree program of Painting Department in Gazi Educational Institute in 1970. In the same year she received the Turkish and American Association Smithsonian Print Workshop engraving certificate. After a long brake, she started her engraving works in 2005. Since 2006, she continues her works in Onmara Art Workshop. In 2008 she presented her first solo exhibition and she joined four group painting exhibitions.

Pembe (70x50 cm, Etching)

Her Daim Bahçemde (50x40 cm, Etching)

İsimsiz (50x40 cm, Lithography)

İsimsiz (50x40 cm, Lithography)

İsimsiz (70x50 cm, Etching)

İsimsiz (70x50 cm, Linoleum Print)