Nurten Deniz



Born in 1947 in Bayburt. He completed his studies at IDGSA Painting Department (Bedri Rahmi Workshop) in 1972 and at Berlin Fine Art College in 1978.
While studying at the Academy in 1970 he went to Paris and earned an offer to study in Academie des Beaux Arts. With the support of his educator, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, he continued his studying without losing any semester. In 1972 she graduated. Because of him high grades and the decision of Scholarship Jury, he earned an international state scholarship and went to Berlin for his master’s degree. He graduated from the Berlin Fine Arts Academy in 1976. For many years he continued his practices in Germany. The Artist’s engravings that consists of the hand written notes of the Munir Nurettin Selçuk’s, came as a set that had song’s notes and lyrics in both Turkish and German, that’s called “Anılarda Istanbul” was shown in Ankara in an exhibition for the first time. Most of them being abroad, he had ninety solo exhibitions. His works are in museums and private collections. He focused on sculpting in recent year and his sculptures are displayed in FORUM activities established in such places as Ankara, Denizli, Istanbul, Antalya and Trabzon. The artist continues to live and produce art in Istanbul.

İsimsiz - 2000 (70x50 cm, Lithography)

İsimsiz - 2005 (50x50 cm, Ink)

Elma ile Nar - 2007 (54x75x10 cm, Aluminum Casting)

Aşk - 2006 (65x98x5 cm, Aluminum Casting)

Gönül Kafesi - 2006 (197x123x20 cm, Aluminum Casting)

Yüzünde Güller Açan - 2006 (57x49x5 cm, Aluminum Casting)

Dallar Arasında - 2007 (100x50x5 cm, Aluminum Casting)

Sırt Sırta - 2007 (50x97x28 cm, Aluminum Casting)