Nurten Deniz



Born in Mesudiye(Ordu) in 1954. He studied in the State Practice Fine Arts College, Graphic department. He’s still in the same institution with its new name, Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty as an Assistant Professor. The artist, who’s interested in caricatures since 1977, has won sixty four awards since then, of which twenty three is international. Besides many national and international group exhibitions, he had 9 solo exhibitions including one in New York. He made illustrations and covers for magazines such as New Yorker, The Forbes, The Atlantic Monthly. He also received the Sedat Simavi Foundation award.

İsimsiz (70x50 cm, Digital Print on Canvas)

Sabah Gezintisi (34x39 cm, Metal Etching)

Fener (35x27 cm, Metal Etching)


İsimsiz (50x70 cm, Digital Print on Canvas)

Kedi (50x40 cm, Digital Print on Canvas)

Mektuplar (50x70 cm, Digital Print on Canvas)