Nurten Deniz



In the year of 1991, she graduated from Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty, Graphic Department. In 1996 she finished the Proficiency program for Art in Anadolu University Social Sciences Institute. Became an Associate Prof. in 2003, and a Professor in 2009. She had eleven national and one international solo exhibitions. She attended many National and international exhibitions. Gülben Koçak has works in museums and private collections and she is a member of UNESCO AIAP International Plastic Arts Association and Istanbul Ex Libris Association. The Artist wrote a book titled “Alfred Hrdlicka”. She still is a lecturer in Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty Press Arts Department.

Göçer Kızı (40x30 cm, Woodblock Print)

İsimsiz (40x30 cm, Etching)

İsimsiz (40x40 cm, Metal Etching)

Portreler (22x19 cm, Etching)

Soykalar (79x85 cm, Woodblock Print)